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Bangladesh is a South Asian country situated in the east of India on the Bay of Bengal. The country is known for its lush greenery and many waterways. The three largest rivers of Asia, the Ganges (locally known as the Padma), the Brahmaputra (locally known as the Jamuna), and the Meghna, flow through Bangladesh and form the fertile Bengal delta which is the largest delta in the world. The Sundarbans, located on the southern coast of Bangladesh which is an enormous mangrove forest, and the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger is shared between Bangladesh and India.

Studying in Bangladesh is almost similar to studying MBBS in India because of the following reasons:

Similar Syllabus
Same Medical books
Identical Study Pattern
Studying the Same Diseases and procedures
Examinations Patterns are Similar Type
MBBS Course duration of 5 Years compares to 4.5 years in India
The Republic of Bangladesh includes Top Medical Universities which provide world-class infrastructure with premium high-quality standards of medical education and well professional staff in every Bangladeshi Medical College.

Top Universities in Bangladesh

1. Bangladesh Medical College

2. Dhaka National Medical College

3. Eastern Medical College

4. Khawaja Yunus Ali Medical College

5. BGC Trust Medical College

6. Barind Medical College

Benefits of MBBS in Bangladesh

  • The MBBS degree from a Bangladesh Medical University is recognized by WHO and UNESCO and is accepted globally.
  • No entrance test is required for admission which makes the admission process much easier.
  • No donation is required to get admission in a Bangladesh medical college.
  • Students studying in medical colleges in Bangladesh are given an opportunity to get an internship in some of the best multinational companies and hospitals in the world.
  • Students are provided with practicals and experiments to improve their skills in a better way.
  • The quality of infrastructure, education, and accommodation are comparable to other developed countries.
  • The hospitals are well equipped with great infrastructure and technology.

Georgia, a country at the intersection of Europe and Asia, is a former Soviet republic that’s home to Caucasus Mountain villages and Black Sea beaches. It’s famous for Vardzia, a sprawling cave monastery dating to the 12th century, and the ancient wine-growing region Kakheti. The capital, Tbilisi, is known for the diverse architecture and mazelike, cobblestone streets of its old town. With MBBS abroad becoming one of the most attractive career options for Indian students, the love for European countries always finds its place in the most aspired destinations for the students. Offering a unique experience, MBBS in European countries has always proved to be a promising decision for education especially for Indian students.

While there are several European countries where you can pursue your MBBS from, Georgia is a country that really stands out from the rest for students to study MBBS Abroad and live a lifestyle that is holistic, fulfilling and advancing. MBBS in Georgia offers world class research infrastructure, quality education, and a cross-cultural experience that helps Indian students to not just adapt to a new country but also find their comfort zone in no time.

Top Universities in Georgia

1. East European University

2. New Vision University

3. Tbilisi State Medical University

Benefits of MBBS in Georgia

  • Studying MBBS in Georgia is synonymous with beyond theoretical classwork. Hands-on experiments and clinical clerkship from the 1st semester builds skill and confidence alike in students.
  • As mentioned before, the quality of education is indubitably unparalleled and well equipped with great technology and infrastructure as one chooses to pursue medical in Georgia.
  • Accommodation facilities and food accessibility, including Indian food, are consistent and competes with the quality of the MBBS in Georgia for Indian students.
  • To study MBBS in Georgia, including pursuing medicine even from the Georgian private colleges, is an affordable affair as compared to any other country.
  • Safety is not a concern when one chooses to study MBBS in Georgia for Indian students. Commuting in public transport and exploring the country will not be an ordeal that the students will face.
  • The straight forward admission process to study MBBS in Georgia makes it even more appealing. MBBS course in Georgia requires a decent score in Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects in the 12th standard to take admission in the best medical colleges in Georgia.
  • International faculties that break geographical barriers with outstanding expertise make studying MBBS in Georgia worthwhile, among other features.
  • An approximate concession of 50% on transportation can be leveed by international students that study MBBS in Georgia.
  • Options of superlative internships and scope for furthering studies, such as studying MD in Georgia, are offered after MBBS in Georgia within Georgia.
    Universities in Georgia are recognized by WHO and UNESCO.

Doing MBBS in Kazakhstan is a well-known course to all the students who wish to study MBBS as all the top medical colleges in Kazakhstan is recognized by WHO, USMLE, IMED GMC, and MCI. Many of the well-known universities are offering students to do MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students to achieve their dreams. Students could find any of the best MBBS Universities in Kazakhstan. More than 5,000 Indian students come to Kazakhstan every year and more than 60, 000 medical students are attaining their medical degree every year. In Kazakhstan Over all it will take a minimum of 4 years to complete clinical studies. After that the candidates need to study for another 1 years for their internship. The medium of MBBS in Kazakhstan is taught in English language. Also students are taught local languages also so that It helps the students to communicate with the patients/locals during the internship programme.

Top Universities in Kazakhstan

1. Kazakh Medical University of Continuing Education

2. Kazakh National Medical University

3. Al Farabi Kazakh National University

4. Semey State Medical University

5. Astana Medical University Kazakhstan

Benefits of MBBS in Kazakhstan

  • No proof of entry required, direct admission
  • Quality education at a low cost.
  • The medical universities recognized by the ICM in Kazakhstan follow the standards of world teaching.
  • English as a language of instruction.
  • University approved by WHO and MCI.
  • High-quality faculties.
  • No donation is required.
  • The cost of living is low in Kazakhstan.
  • Indian hostel & food is available.

Nepal a beautiful country to explore. Students from all over the world come to study medicine in Nepal. Mostly, all the best medical universities in Nepal are recognized by MCI, NMC and WHO.
Students can work after completing the course of MBBS in Nepal. In Nepal, English is understood by the people and hence it can be used as a language for study or communication and thus dialect is not a problem in the country. Affordable living expenses during MBBS in Nepal.
Chances of students getting admission to MBBS universities in Nepal would increase only if they prepare themselves. Reasons to Study Medicine in Nepal No donation – capitation fees to take MBBS admission in Nepal No IELTS and TOEFL is required.
No visa required to study MBBS in Nepal. Globally recognized degree. Affordable fee structure. Excellent environment and culture.
High quality education. MCI approved colleges. The total duration of this MBBS course is same as in India, that is, 4.5 years with 1 year of internship, which you can do it anywhere either in India or Nepal.

Top Universities in Nepal

1. BP Koirala Medical College Nepal

2. Biratnagar Medical College

3. Institute of Medicine

4. Janaki Medical College

5. Kathmandu Medical College

6. KIST Medical College

7. Lumbini Medical College (LMC)

8. Universal College Of Medical Science

9. Manipal College of Medical Science

10. Chitwan Medical College

11. Gandaki Medical College (GMCTHRC)

12. Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS)

13. Karnali Institute of Health Science

14. Lumbini Medical College & Teaching Hospitality

15. Nepalgunj Medical College

16. National Medical Science

17. Kathmandu School Of Medical Science

18. Nepalese Army Institute Of Health Science

19. Nobel Medical College

Benefits of MBBS in Nepal

  • Among many advantages of doing MBBS in Nepal for Indian youth, the existence of MCI recognized Medical Colleges in Nepal for MBBS is primary. MBBS Courses in Nepal, resemble the Indian pattern in every way.
  • It might come as a pleasant surprise that Medical colleges in Nepal have many highly qualified Indian teachers among the staff. A reason good enough to attract many!
  • As mentioned earlier, the MBBS course in Nepal has similarities of pattern and syllabus with the Indian MBBS. Consequently, the ratio of passing the MCI Screening test among the students of any MBBS college in Nepal is very high.
  • The Universities of Nepal are known for the quality of education. The country also has autonomous Medical colleges in Nepal for MBBS.
  • Another benefit is the affordable MBBS Course fees in Nepal. Some MBBS in Nepal Medical College provide Installment options too.
  • Another good thing is the proximity of Nepal to India. Students can travel to and fro, when needed and that too, without spending much.
  • The food in Nepal is quite similar to the Indian cuisine. Students hardly notice the change of Nations, when it comes to food.
  • The cost of living in Nepal is less and therefore, it is perfectly suitable for Indian Middle Class. Also, the climate of Nepal is quite conducive.

The largest country by area covering parts of Asia as well as Europe, Russia is one of the most grand names in the world and does not require much introduction. Home to exquisite landscapes and a variety of topology, the country is popular for having cold winters and breezy summers throughout the year.

Moscow, the capital of Russia, is the largest city in the world. The population of Russia is about 146.6 million. The Russian government is based on a democratic form of rule. The Russian Federation shares a land border with 14 countries- Finland, Lithuania, and Poland (both with Kaliningrad Oblast), Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Norway, Estonia, Mongolia, and North Korea.

Official Name: Russian Federation (Rossiyskaya Federatsiya)
Short Name: Russia
Capital: Moscow
Continent: Western Asia and Eastern Europe
Local Language: Russian
Currency: Russian Ruble
Known for: Largest Country in the world by Area, Veto Member of United Nations

Top Universities in Russia

1. Baskir State Medical University

2. Kabardino-Balkarian State University

3. Altai State Medical University

4. Kazan Federal University

5. Belgorod State University

6. Novosibirsk State University

7. North Ositian State Academy

8. Kemerovo State Medical University

9. Krasnoyarsk State Medical University

10. Chechen State University

11. Kazan State Medical University

12. Reaviz Medical University

13. Far Eastern Federal University

14. North Caucasian State Academy

15. Syktyvkar (Komi) State Medical University

MBBS Fees in Russia

russia rate

Benefits Of MBBS In Russia

  No Entrance exam & No Donation.

  Easy Admission Procedure

  Low & Subsidized course fees.

  Worldwide Recognition of the Degrees provided by Medical Universities of Russia.

  European Standard of Living

  Indian Canteen is Available in most of the Universities.

  Excellent Result in MCI Screening Test (Only World Eduhub provides MCI Coaching in Russian Medical Universities)

  Reference Available of Students working in Leading Hospitals Across the World (our pass outs are working not only in India but in Australia, Canada, USA, UK and other major countries across the globe)

  100% Visa Guarantee

  All the universities are Government Universities of Russia

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